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AP and IB Art Awards


The West Ottawa Art Department would like to congratulate our Frankie Shirey, Stephanie Mosteller, and Allisa Woods who all completed both the Advanced Placement Studio Art exam and the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts examination. These students went above and beyond by completing work for these rigorous visual arts programs and submitted their work to to the College Board and IB Central for an opportunity to earn college credit for the course work that they completed as students here at West Ottawa.


For the AP Studio Art exam students must create a digital portfolio that consists of 12 pieces for their concentration, a theme that they determine and explore, 12 pieces for demonstrating their breadth or rand of skills as an artist, and finally 5 actual pieces that demonstrate the quality of their work. It is a vigorous judging done by trained readers who come from across the country to score the portfolios.


The IB Exam consists of three parts, a comparative study where the students complete art historical research, a gallery exhibition of their work, and a process portfolio where students demonstrate their learning through their best work in their Visual Exploration Journals which is similar to a science journal but for the visual arts.


Both tests are extensive and to complete either one is an accomplishment worthy of recognition. Since the induction of the IB Program at West Ottawa Tanner Bosma, class of 2014, is the only other student to complete both exams.  All three of these now West Ottawa alumni demonstrated their skills and artistic talents as students in the art department winning awards, recognition, and scholarships through their hard work and dedication. We sincerely congratulate them and wish them well on their next endeavors. Frankie will be attending Grand Valley University to study art. Stephanie will be studying at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Allisa will be studying to become an art teacher so she can encourage our next generation of artists.

Art Awards 2018 - 2

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