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March 2019 Update from the Principal

Greetings WOHS families,

Second semester is in full swing as we head into the month of March.  In the coming weeks, WOHS will host Parent Teacher Conferences.  This is a great opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers and hear about their progress and achievements.  The two dates for conferences are as follows:

March 14     5:00-8:00 p.m. at North/South Buildings

March 19     5:00-8:00 p.m. at North/South Buildings

Teachers will be located at the North and South buildings based on which building they teach in.  You can find this information on your child’s class schedule.  We look forward to seeing you at PTC’s!!

WOHS Senior Named 2019 Youth of the Year

West Ottawa High School senior Angel Verdusco was recently named the 2019 Youth of the Year of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holland.  He was honored on February 21, 2019.  Angel will now represent Holland at the state competition in March.


2019-2020 New Course Offerings

Algebra 2 STEM – After piloting this course this year, we will introduce it in full scale next year. Algebra 2 STEM is a one-credit, two-semester course that will further develop and reinforce algebraic and geometric concepts, continuing the required sequence in mathematics study.  Students will focus on the following topics: polynomials; functions; trigonometric functions; systems; sequences and series; exponential and logarithmic functions; vectors; rational functions; and statistics.  Students will gain an in-depth understanding of problem solving and sound mathematical communication of ideas. Students will be expected to complete various cross-curricular projects throughout the school year.

Introduction to Engineering Design (Project Lead the Way) – In this one semester Project Lead The Way Course, students are introduced to the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to identify and design solutions to a variety of real problems. They work both individually and in collaborative teams to develop and document design solutions using engineering notebooks and 3D modeling software.

AP Computer Science Principles – AP Computer Science is a full-year, rigorous course that introduces students to the concepts of computer science and explores the impact computing and technology have on our society. The course covers a broad range of topics including: programming, algorithms, the Internet, big data, digital privacy and security, and the societal impacts of computing.

AP Computer Science Java – The AP Computer Science Java course introduces students to computer science with fundamental topics that include problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, organization of data (data structures), approaches to processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing. The course emphasizes both object-oriented and imperative problem solving and design. These techniques represent proven approaches for development solutions that can scale up from small, simple problems to large, complex problems. This course will have a prerequisite of completing AP Computer Science Principles or similar experiences.

West Ottawa Dance Marathon

WODM raised an incredible $28,491 recently.  Thank you to Mrs. Willcock, all of the students involved and the community members who supported.  This event is always special because it includes personal stories and testimonies delivered by families who have experienced DeVos Children’s Hospital.




Thank you, and Go WO!

Mr. Reinecke

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