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Michigan Youth Arts Festival Nominations

Congratulations to the WOHS Trombone Trio, Woodwind Choir and Percussion Ensemble for their outstanding performances at State Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Each judge at the festival can nominate one or two of the best ensembles they heard to compete for a spot in the Ensemble Recital at the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.  Each of these three ensembles were nominated for this honor.

Trombone Trio

Trombone Trio: Kevin Le, Nate Moored, Daniel Gonzalez

Woodwind Choir Ensemble

Woodwind Choir: Front Row – Heather Riemersma, Joy Anderson, Lainy Duwe, Claire Miller, Kaitlyn Kohley, Maggie Neuman, Macey Dykema, Petra Braunius, Sam Avendano, Dean Bernal.  Back Row – David Stanley, Ryan Bowker, Sean Nguyen, Luke Balcer, Austin Castillo, Rylan McCoy, Mason Ouzts, Tyler Bush, Kaitlyn Bishop.

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble: Thomas Dummer, Ben Shumaker, Drew Deur, Braden Book, Sonja Collins, Sam Duckworth, Miles Kent, Kyle Wiersma, David LaDuke, Avery Marzynski (Not shown: Drew Smyk, Trey Kuipers)

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