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MSBOA District Orchestra Festival

This year was a fantastic year for the WOHS Orchestras at MSBOA District Orchestra Festival, with all 3 orchestras earning a First Division rating (the top rating) for the first time! On February 22, Chamber Orchestra earned straight 1’s and all A’s and A+’s for their performance. Comments for their performance included “technical/musical mastery,” “very musically done!”, “outstanding performance!”, and “many moments of beauty.”

On March 1, Symphony Orchestra earned straight 1’s, including straight A+’s from one of the judges! Comments from the judges for Symphony included “Terrific detailed preparation!”, “So well done”, and “Very musically prepared”. Finally, Concert Orchestra received a 1 overall, which is the first time that Concert has ever earned a 1 overall. Comments for Concert included “Good musical approach”, “Spirited playing”, and “I was very pleased with what I heard musically (& saw technically) today”.

Congratulations to all of the orchestra students for their fine work this year at Festival!

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