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State Solo and Ensemble Results – Band

Congratulations to all West Ottawa High School Instrumentalists that performed Saturday, March 17 at the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association State Solo & Ensemble Festival.  Students had to earn a First Division Rating at District Solo & Ensemble Festival to qualify for this event.  9th Grade soloists and Ensembles are evaluated on prepared music as they were at District Solo & Ensemble.  10th-12th Grade Soloists take a proficiency exam at State Solo & Ensemble, which consists of the performance of their prepared solo, memorized scales and sight reading.  (Students get 60 seconds to study musical excerpts they have never seen before and then perform them for the adjudicator.)  Students can receive up to 50 points on their solo, 25 points for scales, and 25 points for sight reading.

Top Profiency Exam Scores:

Proficiency 3: (Seniors Only)

94 – Drew Deur – Mixed Percussion Solo

Proficiency 2

93 – David Stanley – Tenor Saxophone

93 – Avery Marzynski – Snare Drum Solo

90 – Andrew Smyk – Marimba Solo

Receiving a “First Division Rating” for an excellent performance were:

Sonja Collins –  Marimba Solo

Drew Deur – Marimba Solo

Thomas Dummer – Marimba Solo

Avery Marzynski – Marimba Solo

Brayden Sandstedt – Timpani Solo

Connor Short – Snare Drum Solo

Ben Shumaker – Marimba Solo

Anna Zoerner – Marimba Solo, Snare Drum Solo

Woodwind Duet – Mason Ouzts, Maggie Neuman

Marimba Duet – Ben Shumaker, Drew Smyk

Trumpet Trio – Gage Deyarmond, Tate Szilagyi, Liam Boone

Trombone Trio – Nate Moored, Daniel Gonzalez, Kevin Le

Marimba Trio – Braden Book, Sam Duckworth, Kyle Wiersma

Trombone Quartet – Nate Moored, Kevin Le, Daniel Gonzalez, Ethan Deur

Percussion Octet – Connor Short, Shane Vaara, Brayden Sandstedt, Remy Reed, Joel Scheneman, Austin Maung, Rodrigo Riquelme, Garret Truttman

Woodwind Choir –Maggie Neuman, Petra Braunius, Macey Dykema, Sam Avendano, Kaitlyn Kohley, Joy Anderson, Sean Nguyen, Luke Balcer, Mason Ouzts, Claire Miller, Tyler Bush, CC Castillo,  Heather Riemersma, Rylan McCoy, Austin Castillo, David Stanley

Brass Choir – Liam Boone, Alex Nuan, Aleah Hahn, Nate Moored, Daniel Gonzalez, Gage Deyarmond, Tate Szilagyi, Ethan Metcalf, Kevin Le, Ethan Engle

Trombone Choir – Nate Moored, Zachary Shoemaker, Kevin Le, Daniel Gonzalez, Ethan Deur, Aaron Peaslee, Caleb Louks, Ronan Kelley, Matthew Sober, Sonja Collins, Avery Marzynski, Miles Kent

Percussion Chamber Ensemble – Drew Deur, Sonja Collins, Ben Shumaker, David LaDuke, Kyle Wiersma, Avery Marzynski, Sam Duckworth, Drew Smyk, Mile Kent, Braden Book, Thomas Dummer, Trey Kuipers

Percussion Chamber Ensemble – Tobin Crook, Karsten VanFossan, Nick Stam, Gabby Amaro, Anna Zoerner, Evann Biedenbach, Rodrigo Riquelme, Alex Perez, Joe Elkins

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