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Once again, state testing will occur in April this year.  Please note that the dates of testing are the week following Spring Break.  It is imperative that all students are back from their vacations and are in attendance the week of April 8.  Here is a breakdown of the state assessments:

11th Grade (Juniors)
  • SAT – College Readiness
  • M-STEP – Social Studies & Science proficiency
  • ACT WorkKeys – Work Readiness
10th Grade (Sophomores)
  • PSAT 10 – College Readiness / SAT Prep
9th Grade (Freshmen)
  • PSAT 8/9 – College Readiness / PSAT Prep

Encourage your child to take these assessments seriously as the results are used for college admission, scholarships, AP Potential, and in the case of the PSAT tests it allows for students to gauge their college readiness and identify strengths/weaknesses.

Daily Schedule for Testing Week

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