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WO Student Art Featured in Van Bragt Art Park!

Holland’s Big Read is featuring student art from the greater Holland area in Van Bragt Art Park!  The art pieces are chosen from the Student Exhibition of Learning which features art in response to the Big Read book chosen each year.  Jackie Roman, a sophomore in English 2 Honors, was chosen as one of the students to have her 3D piece photographed and displayed!


In a blog post about her art, Jackie says, “Diversity is a beautiful thing. Every human being is different, unique, and special. Even for as cultures too! As told by the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover.  Races, cultures, ethnicity, they’re all different but at the end we are all humans. …A thing to remember is Kindness, yes this word is all over the place but it’s not fully expressed all over the place. Being kind, giving people good advice, holding the door for someone, talk with someone new, being respectful to one another. The point is being kind to one another no matters the differences or from where they come from.”


Jackie’s art, along with many other students, will be on display later this summer.

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